Luxury Bath Towel - Custom Embroidery

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The Hotel Premier Collection Bath Towel by Member's Mark bath towel is woven from pure cotton yarn for superior thickness and comfort, using a unique "air rich" technology that ensures an ultra-soft, thick, and amazingly absorbent towel. The air rich technology is created by mixing PVA fibers with cotton fibers and then spinning the yarn. The fibers are held together by a regular tight twist. After weaving, the PVA fibers are washed out of the towel, leaving small air pockets between the cotton fibers. The towel also has low linting properties, as the fibers were twisted tightly and will therefore hold together better than other towels. Special dyes are used, which are resistant to benzoyl peroxide. This means the color will not fade after being in contact with cosmetics, including the common ingredient benzoyl peroxide.

Size: 30" W x 58" L

  • Oversized, luxurious towel
  • Super-soft, thick 100% cotton
  • "Air rich" pile technology for extra softness and absorbency
  • Cosmetic friendly (resistant to fading from cosmetic products)
  • Low linting properties for a longer life


  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Thick, heavy-weight weave adds plushness
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Available in multiple colors

Embroidery goes on bottom center of towel and between 5" to 10" width 

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