Bayside USA Made Medium Tote Colors, Custom Embroidery

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Bayside USA Made Medium Tote Colors

100% Cotton Canvas, 12 oz., Natural Web Handles, 14 1/4″ x 11 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Made in the USA

It Embroidery common service we offer for the public. This service works for businesses, gifts or branding. Logo/Design or Text embroidery can be done by us within a couple of days. We are always trying to give quickest and professional service to our customers.

—Text embroidery—
Text embroidery has to be in a font that we posted. If you have a specific font and we don’t have it in a font list that will be considered as LOGO. We may have a font that looks very similar or exactly the same. In this case, you provide a photo of your text and we look for a similar font or maybe exact same font.

— Logo Embroidery —
Please provide a photo of your logo in either of the following formats. JPG, PNG, PNG, AI. These formats aren't recognized by embroidery machines but we’re going to convert your logo into an embroidery format which is called DST. This format is a stitching version of your logo.

Digitizing, which means converting photo to embroidery(stitching) format which is called DST format. It can be used for only certain embroidery machines. Our Tajima commercial machine only accepts DST format files to embroider.

Simple logo/design we do not charge a digitizing fee. If your logo is single colored, no shadow affection, clipart, outline and less details. These type of logos/designs can be digitized for free

Detailed logos/designs need to be digitized by digitizing company and we order your logo/design, it usually takes 3-5 hours to receive your logo in DST format and ready to embroider.

Digitizing fee is one time payment and we keep your file in our files. Each logo will be $20 to digitize.

NOTE: if you place an order for 8 or more hats we do not charge any digitizing fee.

You can also purchase DST file for yourself, and use the file anywhere in the world to get your embroidery.

Total payment is $50 to get your logo digitized and ownership.

— Mock up —
We can provide a mock up of your logo that is converted and ready stitched However we only provide mock ups for complicated logos that may have not look well on fanny pack . Mock up can be provided only during business hours/days within 1-3 hours. We would like to have your email in order to process your order quickly.

We are not providing a photo of your logo that is placed on a fanny pack by using certain programs. Mock up like these goes beyond possible space availability. Even those mock ups fit in fanny pack dimensions but embroidery won’t look the same once it is stitched on shirts. If you get a printing on a shirt those types of mock ups would be best.

Dear customers, we can provide mockups for logo/design/text if there’s something wrong or don’t look right and without any fee.

We’re always trying to complete orders on time and ship them quickly and we’ve been known for it on Etsy but Mockups usually take 20-45 minutes and it makes orders slow and also waiting for response from customers also adds more time on top of mockup.

If you really want to see mockups then we will provide a link that will take you to additional fee for mockup and that way we will provide a mockup photo of your logo/text/design.

Thanks for understanding!

Our Tajima embroidery machine is highly capable of doing lots of art work. The company has been serving local Texas people over 8 years and we are confident that our experience will help you to build your dream custom hat.

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