Flat Bill, 256 – Richardson Umpqua- Snapback Hats, Custom Embroidery

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Dear customer. You’re looking at 256 UMPQUA brand hat which is high quality and well know headwear brand in the industry. We embroider Front: Center, Single Panel (Left/Right), Back and Sides(Left/Right). Text Logo, Design.

All year round you’ll find Oregonians rafting, fishing, hiking, and more along the 111 miles of the Umpqua River. Flip-up buckram and a 5mm rope give this cap a unique look that’s sure to turn heads both up and down stream.

DECORATION: Screen Print Transfer

 Flip-Up Stay Pinch
 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

Logos sometimes get complicated on hat due to available space on hat. Please note that majority of hats can be embroidered Max: 2.25 inches height if the hat is consider as high profile. on the other hand low profile hats usually goes up to 2.20 inches height. Almost all the hats have same width: 5.75 inches availability. In this case our company sometimes avoid logos that doesn’t fit in this dimension. Our experience has let us know that some logos won’t come out good enough to be visible on hat. This is extremely normal for embroidery service. As a needle work this doesn’t happen often.

Text embroidery typical embroidery orders. Please avoid upper case letters if you want to get cursive font. Upper case letters look great with Block fonts. The best option will be 1st letter upper case and the rest lower case in this case most of the font look great. Some fonts have to be upper case only such as: Fullblock, Stencil. Staccato looks great with upper case letters.

Business names should be Block letters because block letters are thick and easy to read and that way it will be easy to promote your company name.

Cursive fonts are fancy and highly recommended for gifts. Must be 1st letter upper case and the rest are lower case.

We got multiple fonts for kids.

Digitizing, which means converting photo to embroidery(stitching) format which calls DST format. It can be used for only certain embroidery machines. Our Tajima commercial machine only accepts DST format files to embroider.

We do not charge digitizing fee if you provide Simple Logo or Design. If your logo is single colored, no shadow affection, clipart, outline and not many details, these type of logos or designs can be digitized for free

Detailed logos/designs need to be digitized by digitizing company and we order your logo/design, it usually takes 3-5 hours to receive your logo in DST format and ready to embroider.

Digitizing fee is one time payment and we keep your file in our files. Each logo will be $20 to digitize.

NOTE: if you placing order for 6 or more hats we do not charge any digitizing fee.

You can also purchase DST file for yourself, and use the file anywhere in the world to get your embroidery.

Total payment is $50 to get your logo digitized and ownership.

Digitizing fee is none refundable payment. Payment goes directly to digitizing company.

Dear customers, we can provide mockups for logo/design/text if there’s something wrong or don’t look right and without any fee.

We’re always trying to complete orders on time and ship them quickly and we’ve been known for but Mockups usually takes 20-45 minutes range and it makes orders slow and also waiting for response from customers also adds more time on top of mockup.

If you really want to see mockups then we will provide link that will take you to additional fee for mockup and that way we will provide mockup photo of your logo/text/design.

Thanks for understanding!

Our Tajima embroidery machine highly capable of doing lots of art work. The company has been serving local Texas people over 6 years and we are confident that our experience will help you to build your dream custom hat.

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